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How to Write Great Resume Bullet Points

So you’ve read lots of resume advice, and you know that your resume needs strong, results-focused bullet points. But try as you might, you don’t really know how to write those bullet points. I sympathize – it’s very hard to write about yourself in this way. Most of us have been taught to be humble […]

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How to Write a Great Digital Marketing Resume

Are you struggling to put together an effective resume, even though you regularly create great ads, social media campaigns, and branding messages? If so, you’re not alone. Most marketers have a hard time selling themselves. But the truth is that without a killer resume, you’re losing out on great opportunities. Recruiters are passing you over […]

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5 Quick Ways to Spruce up Your Resume for the New Year

We professional resume writers see it every year. Christmas ends, and suddenly it seems that everyone has decided to find a new job. Most of us get so busy that we don’t come up for air until March. If you’re considering a job search in the new year, now is the time to get your […]

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5 Days to a Killer Resume: Step 4

How to write resume bullets that get you noticed and get you hired Let’s be honest. Recruiters are a jaded bunch. They’ve read thousands of resumes and seen the same stale phrases over and over again. To say they’re hard to impress is an understatement. But impressing them is not impossible. In fact it’s easy […]

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